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[Muscle Contraction]

Investigations into animal electricity I

Du Bois-Reymond, Emil, 1848-84

  Source   Du Bois-Reymond, Emil. 1848-84. Untersuchungen über thierische Elektricität. 2 Bände. Berlin: Georg Reimer view the source
  Figures   1: Experimental setting for the investigation of paradoxical convulsions; 2: Stretching appliance (according to Kleiner); 3: Hand drawing of stretching appliance (according to Kleiner); 4: Stretching appliance (according to Kleiner);
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Untersuchungen, Second Volume, Part I (1849)
Untersuchungen, Second Volume, Part II (1860)
Untersuchungen, Second Volume, Part III (1884)
Laboratory Diaries (1841 - 1895) 
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