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[Speech Production & Hearing]

Experiments on the Vocal Organ

Müller, Johannes, 1839

  Source   Müller, Johannes. 1839. Über die Compensation der physischen Kräfte am menschlichen Stimmorgan: Mit Bemerkungen über die Stimme der Säugethiere, Vögel und Amphibien. Berlin view the source
  Figures   1: Complete apparatus with compressorium for these experiments ; 2: Apparatus for the experiments on the chest voice; 3: Cut through the larynx; 4: Tongue with two lips of caoutchouc and with tweezers;
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  People   Müller, Johannes Peter (1801 - 1858)
  Objects   Human beings
  Comment   Johannes Müller (by Laura Otis)
ISSN 1866-4784: reference - xlink