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Siemens, Ernst Werner von

Lenthe, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Career: Appointment as an officer candidate at the Prussian artillery and engineering school in Berlin; 1835-1838 studies of mathematics, physics, and chemistry; officer at a provincial garrison; transfer to the staff of the Berlin artillery works; joining of the circle of Gustav Magnus (professor of physics at the University of Berlin) which included Du Bois-Reymond, Clausius and Helmholtz; 1847 foundation of the Telegraphenbauanstalt von Siemens & Halske with Johann Georg Halske; contracts with the Prussian government to build a telegraph network in northern Germany; after 1850 government contracts cut off; leaving of the army and business expansion in Russia, where his brother Carl was made resident Russian representative; scientific consultant to the British government on underwater telegraphy; Siemens Brothers in London (headed by his brother William) manufactured and laid cable; design of the first special cable-laying ship, the Faraday, which, after 1875, laid five Atlantic cables in ten years; organization and construction of the Indo-European telegraph from London via Berlin, Odessa, and Teheran to Calcutta, completed in 1870; 1887 assistance in establishing the Physikalische-Technische Reichsanstalt in Berlin; 1889 retirement from active management of the family firm, which included subsidiaries in London, St. Petersburg, and Vienna.
Selected works: Siemens, Dr. [Ernst] Werner [von]. 1886. Das Naturwissenschaftliche Zeitalter. Berlin: Carl Heymann Siemens, Dr. Ing. W[erner] v[on] und Dr. E. Budde. 1908. Das Recht der Angestellten an den Erfindungen. Berlin: Carl Heymann Siemens, Ernst W. von. 1889. Wissenschaftliche und technische Arbeiten. Berlin: Julius Springer Siemens, [Werner] und Halske, [Johann Georg]. 1901. Apparate und Einrichtungen für Untersuchungen mit Röntgen-Strahlen. Leipzig (Collection Paolo Brenni)
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