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Bethe, Albrecht

Szczecin, Poland

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Degrees: Dr.phil., University of Munich (1895);, University of Strasbourg (1898)
Career: Studies of medicine at Freiburg im Breisgau, Munich (under R. Hertwig), Berlin and Strasbourg (under F. Goltz and J. R. Ewald); 1895 Dr.phil. from the University of Munich; 1896-1911 assistant at the Physiological Institute at Strasbourg; 1898 from the University of Strasbourg; 1899 Privatdozent; 1906 associate professor at the University of Strasbourg; 1911 professor of physiology at the University of Kiel; 1915 professor at Frankfurt/Main; 1937 dismissal; 1945 rehabilitation; co-editor of Pflüger's Archiv (from 1918 onward) and of Handbuch der normalen und pathologischen Physiologie (1925-1932).
Selected works: Bethe, Albrecht. 1911. Wirbellose Tiere. In: Handbuch der physiologischen Methodik, Erster Band: Allgemeine Methodik. Protisten, wirbellose Tiere, physikalische Chemie. Stoff- und Energiewechsel, Zweite Abteilung: Protisten - wirbellose Tiere - physikalische Chemie, edited by Robert Tigerstedt, 69-112. Leipzig Bethe, Albrecht. 1903. Allgemeine Anatomie und Physiologie des Nervensystems. Leipzig: Thieme
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